AgriculturalSurfactants Market to Show Incredible Growth and Forecast by 2027


Theglobal agriculturalsurfactants market size is expected to showcase significant growth byreaching USD 1,927.5 million by 2027 while exhibiting a CAGR of 5.1% between
2020 and 2027. The growth is attributed to the increasing population rate and
the growing demand for crop protection that is driving the adoption of advanced
agricultural surfactants globally. This information is published by Fortune
Business Insights, in its latest report.

Limited Availability of Agrochemical Supplies to Hamper GrowthProspects

Thelockdown amid the novel coronavirus announced by the government agencies have
halted several industrial operations globally. This has led to major supply
chain disruption being experienced by the agriculture sector. Additionally, the
limited availability of agrochemical supplies is likely to affect the market
growth leading to several problems faced by the farmers. However, lifting off
some restrictions is likely to aid the growth of the market in the forthcoming

Agriculturalsurfactants are additives that are widely adopted in the agriculture sector to
improve the effectiveness of the pesticides. They are further used to
efficiently and effectively obtain superior crop yield and manage better crop
protection. The growing demand for food is propelling the manufacturers to
develop advanced agricultural surfactants globally.

What does the Report Include?

Themarket report includes qualitative and quantitative analysis of several factors
such as the key drivers and restraints that will impact growth. Additionally,
the report provides insights into the regional analysis that covers different
regions, which are contributing to the growth of the market. It includes the
competitive landscape that involves the leading companies and the adoption of
strategies by them to announce partnerships, introduce new products, and
collaboration that will further contribute to the growth of the market between
2020 and 2027.


Increasing Population Rate to Augment Growth

Accordingto the data by the United Nations, the global population is expected to reach
about 8.5 billion by 2030. And 9.7 billion by 20250. The growing rate of
population is likely to propel the demand for food and to suffice the needs the
agriculture sector is expected to focus on the development of superior quality
yield. These factors are anticipated to drive the demand for advanced
agricultural surfactants globally.